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April 2018

You never know where life will take you.

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's I was upset. When I was further

diagnosed with LBD Parkinson's, I was devastated. This atypical form of the

disease is more degenerative and has been forecast to shorten my life

significantly. That was just over two years ago. Thanks to family, friends

and colleagues, the services of CCAC, and many amazing doctors and staff,

including staff at Toronto Western's Mobility Disorder clinic and

Sunnybrook, I have been able to retire with some grace from the work I

loved as a Superior Court judge.

I am now finding pleasure and purpose through a renewed focus on

painting. Entitled "Chasing Monsters", this series captures the intensity of

my daily life: hallucinations, erratic memory, and generalized physical

discomfort...interspersed with many moments of joy and personal growth

in directions I have never before experienced.

Kevin Whitaker

Chasing Monsters Catalogue:

Choice of Short film of Paintings and Drawings from Chasing Monsters:


Final Chasing Monsters Catalogue Compressed

 Short film: Kevin Whitaker Movie of April 13 FINAL Compress…

CBC Metro Morning Interview : Matt Galloway and Kevin Whitaker

(I have the clip but can’t seem to send it to you. Will try again today

Chasing Monsters 2018-04: Exhibitions
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