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This series of paintings titled “FAITH” is inspired by Whitaker’s observation that an understanding of faith is essential in order to steer one’s way through a world where different viewpoints collide.

Diagnosed in 2016 with Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia, Whitaker note: "These diseases have given me a layered perspective on how my brain and body work both together and against each other. I hope my paintings capture this tension.”

A documentary about Whitaker’s life since the diagnosis “Chasing Monsters: Parkinson’s and the Power of Art” was produced by Back Lane Studios and selected as a finalist in the 10th edition of the Oaxaca Film Festival.

Kevin draws inspiration from George Orwell and Vincent Van Gogh. Faith is Whitaker’s 5th solo painting show since April 2018 and is preceded by Chasing Monsters and Bella Ciao, (Back Lane Studios, Toronto), The Last Supper (Gillygooley, Quebec) and Surveillance (Atelier Maison, Richelieu, France)

Prior to taking up painting full-time in 2018 Whitaker held various public service roles including Superior Court Judge, Chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Special Advisor to the Ontario government on Colleges and Trades, Collective Bargaining in the College sector, reform of the Employment Standards Act and reform of the Agency and Tribunal sector. He was also a managing partner of a law firm and a Labour Arbitrator and Mediator.

Faith Overview 2019-12: Event
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