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  • Can I see the painting before I buy it?
    You will be able to visit the gallery when public health restrictions are lifted. We are abiding by Toronto public health measures. As long as Toronto is in the red zone, we are following the Chief Medical Officer’s request that we “Limit in-person activities outside the home to essential activities only – going to work or school, health care, shopping for your household and health needs, and getting exercise and physical activity. “ Trust us, we think making art is an essential activity. However, viewing art these days is a risk to you and others. If you don’t want to buy until you see it we can chat. However, this is a fundraiser and we want to encourage people to purchase the work sight unseen. The photos of the work are taken professionally and we expect that you will agree that what you see online will be what you get… and even better! If you buy a painting and are not happy with it when you finally get it, we can chat.
  • How are the paintings priced?
    All payments can be made online. Alternatively e-transfers can be made or cheques can be mailed.
  • Are installments possible?
    We learned early on from our friend the brilliant Katherine Mulherin that instalments are a good way for galleries and artists to receive regular sources of income. We have bought many pieces over time. So, If you need time to pay, instalments are welcome and can be discussed directly with Marie and Kevin at
  • I want to donate. Do I have to buy a painting?
    Donations are always welcome and can be made here. No purchase is required. A tax receipt will be sent to you directly.
  • What happens to the money raised by the sale of the paintings?
    Kevin and I donate the proceeds to charities that support Parkinson’s and Dementia, especially research into Lewy Body Dementia. Specifically, we are raising funds for a Research Fellowship at Sunnybrook.
  • I have bought a painting. How do I get it?
    If you are in Toronto we can make arrangements for you to pick it up at BackLane studios when it is feasible to do so. Your painting can be kept safely in Toronto until we agree on how to get it to you. Arrangements for shipping can also be made.
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